SEO experts have gained a lot of popularity nowadays, because more and more businesses are looking for search engine optimization services to improve their online presence. Many of these experts are even become so popular all around the world like rock stars, at least in the world of online marketing, but it is true that so many people are actually idolizing them.

Anyway, search engine optimization is considered a very important thing these days, especially for small businesses. Because unlike large corporations, nobody will even hear about their businesses if they don’t do a very good marketing effort. That’s why today you can find a lot of SEO companies offering all kinds of SEO services for anyone who wants create a stronger online presence through their websites. It’s actually not very hard to find reputable SEO companies that can provide the best SEO services, because as said earlier, reputed SEO experts are actually quite popular, so they won’t be too difficult to find.

There are several kinds of SEO services that you can get from these companies, some of them are offering packages that combine various types SEO services in different packages and some others also provide a la carte services, where you have the freedom to choose what kind of service you need. People who choose these “a la carte” services usually do their own SEO work but they need help in some areas that they cannot handle themselves.

The types of these services can be so many, but basically there are three major types of SEO services available today:

  1. On-page SEO

This kind of service basically deals with fine tuning your website. This includes all aspects of your website, such as content, keyword analysis, HTML coding, META tags, internal linking, outbound links, and many other aspects. The SEO company will conduct a complete SEO audit and analysis in order to make sure that everything is in compliance with the latest search algorithms. A lot of business owners who prefer to do their own SEO often hire an internet marketing company to do an SEO audit for their websites. They will then create an SEO plan based on the website audit report.

  1. Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO mostly deals with link building strategy. A good SEO agency will only implement ethical link building strategy that complies with the guidelines of major search engines. They usually put your links on websites with high authority and have high relevance with your website. Besides good for improving your search rankings quickly, such technique will also avoid you from being penalized. Additionally the SEO company could also manage your social media presence in order to improve social signals that are really valuable in today’s SEO.

  1. SEO Training & Consulting

This kind of service is getting really popular these days, it enables people to learn the best SEO practice according to the latest search algorithms. It’s usually provided by popular SEO experts with proven track records. Many small businesses take advantage of such service so they can handle their own SEO.