If you know anything at all about SEO, you’ll know that it can be really difficult to find a trustworthy SEO company. Some companies claim to be legit but practice shady techniques when it comes to getting results. You can bet that after a little while, you’ll be right back to where you started. To help you find a company that can be trusted, use this guide.

Get Recommendations

One of the best things you can do when making an important decision like this is get a good recommendation. Somebody who has already used a service and been really happy with it will be able to give you some suggestions and advice. If you know people who may have worked with an SEO company in the past, consider giving them a call or dropping them a message. At the very least, they may be able to give you the names of some companies not to bother working with.


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Read Reviews

Find reviews on impartial sites to get an idea for the best SEO companies who get real results. You might pay a bit more for companies with the most experience, but you take less of a risk with them. However, bear in mind you can’t trust all reviews; some of them may have been created by a company themselves.

Look at a Portfolio

If a company has a portfolio of things they’ve done for clients, that’s even better. If they can tell you the techniques they used and the results they got with them, you know you have a trustworthy company. Make sure any company you consider working with only uses legitimate, white hat techniques.

Listen to What They Tell You

Really listen to what a company tells you when you call them. You’re looking for transparency and honesty. If a company tells you they can’t help you, they mean it. If they tell you that they can help you and get you to the top spot on Google in a matter of minutes, run a mile. If they tell you what they may be able to do for you in a certain timeframe with your budget, then they sound the most trustworthy.

Don’t Feel Pressured

If an SEO company makes you feel pressured to spend more money with them or do something you don’t want to do, you shouldn’t work with them. No company should make you feel pressured or talk you into anything you don’t want. A company like this will only want to work with you to squeeze you dry!

Go With Your Gut

When making a decision like this, your gut is usually right. Do you have a good feeling, or a bad feeling? Listen to your gut and you should know exactly what to do.

Learn a little about SEO so you know what a company should and shouldn’t be doing for you. That being said, don’t be the kind of client that questions everything a company does. You may end up annoying them, and if they’re a good company, they’ll have their choice of clients.

Good luck!