Are you one of those companies with first mover advantage to the internet, but just haven’t been able to maintain success in the recent years? If your long-established business has never taken advantage of SEO services or the plethora of social media tools that exist now – it’s unfortunate to say that more often than not, other competitors will be able to tarnish your awareness & position steadily, but strongly.

There are many aspects of internet marketing that a company can leverage. The fact that many first-mover business sites are fairly old, gives them a distinct edge over their competitors right from the get go. This is because the age of your domain name plays a part in determining your website’s credibility. The next aspect of making sure that your company has a higher level of visibility on the net is to not just focus on years of strong brand reputation that you’ve created, but instead focus on product or service related keywords to optimize your website for. Needless to say, with billion searches made every month , not everyone is searching for your brand name.

Another crucial aspect of internet marketing is social media. Many businesses are now creating communities online which allow viral marketing to take place on its own. Of course there can be negative side effects of this as well; however that is where your own business principles and ethics come into play. If there is nothing detrimental that the company does, social media marketing can be a relatively cheap and effective method to increase your company exposure on the web.